Thursday, November 5, 2009

After all, it's a step in the right direction!

So I met with my academic advisor and several very exciting things happened! First of all, I'm finally declared. Huzzah! No more piddling around undecided! Now let's just hope that I stick to this decision. He strongly encouraged me to double-major though, which was also exciting because that's pushing me more towards Music or Theater. Now I just have to figure out the rest. Yeah.

Also, I asked him about the Disney College Program, and he didn't think I was completely ridiculous! In fact, he mentioned another student had asked him about it recently. It's great to know that the University isn't one of those schools that thinks the CP is a waste of time. I was concerned about that since as far as I know the campus reps don't come here, and it's one of the largest schools in the state. But no worries! He also gave me the contact information for the career services person who I would need to talk to about doing some kind of coursework while at the CP in order to get credit. He said he was pretty sure it is upper division credit, too, which is awesome!

It's nice to have that concern out of the way. Now the next step I need to take is....APPLYING?!?!?! Crazy, yes. But that's still two months off, isn't it. Sigh.

In the meantime, I'll continue to gather information and take notes for myself. The most helpful stuff I'll post on here, while the stuff that is a little bit more focused on me personally I'll write in my CP journal (which I still need to make). I'm still working on that trip report, and I seriously hope to get it done soon. I've got some awesome pictures!

I'm also going to do a little spot called the "Training Tidbit", where I spout some random Disney/Disneyland knowledge at you that will hopefully be interesting and educational. I'm sort of a Disney buff, but I know a lot of you are, too, but hopefully what I post will be something you haven't heard before.

Well, that'll do it for now. Only two months and some-odd days until application! This is going to be hard waiting...

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