Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There be squalls ahead...

So Pirates of the Caribbean has always been one of my favorite attractions and Disneyland--if not my very favorite--yet on my last trip, as I was reciting the Talking Skull's spiel along with him, I realized I had no idea what a "squall" was! So I looked it up! Apparently, it means a loud, harsh cry, like a scream. I find that pretty funny since the next thing that happens after you pass the skull is your boat going down a slide in which people scream. Anyway, I just thought I'd share that completely random bit of information with you!

So this past week has been completely crazy for me, so I haven't had much development in the way of Disney, but I finished an essay that's been hanging over my head today (finally!) and have most of my studying for my midterm on Friday done, so I will hopefully get some of this stuff up soon! Some upcoming posts will include:

- Photo trip report from my last trip to Disneyland Resort, which took place from October 13-15.
- The grand making of my personal DLRCP notebook!
- Halloween pictures with me as Peter Pan. :D I'm SO excited for Halloween!
- A potpourri of random information that I've gathered from various boards/blogs/etc. I want this blog to help me just as much as it helps you!

Also, for all you Pixar fans out there, keep in mind that Up comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray two weeks from yesterday: Nov 10! I know I'll be heading to Best Buy day-of to buy my copy. How about you?

I think that's about all for now. I want to conclude with a little bit about my last trip. It was my first time going during Halloweentime at Disneyland, and I must say, it is an absolutely fabulous time to go to the resort! The crowds were light, the layovers on Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain were well done, the decorations were fun, and Halloween Screams was a fantastic show! More details will come with the official post, which I can hopefully post sometime tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Life, Love, Disney.

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